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Creepy Cowboys: Four Weird Westerns - Rawhide Terror / Wild Horse Phantom / Tombstone Canyon / Vanishing Riders
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Description Tombstone Canyon (1932): Trying to find the answer to his mystery-shrouded past, Ken Mason narrowly escapes an ambush at Tombstone Canyon... which is haunted by the mysterious and disfigured Phantom, whose strange cry is a warning of death!

Rawhide Terror (1934): Disguised as Indians, a group of renegades attacks and murders the parents of two boys for gold and a map to their mine. The boys, bearing similar birthmarks, survive but become separated after the older brother, Jim, cracks up and disappears. Ten years later, the killers are being hunted down and killed by the Rawhide Terror, a.k.a. the still-not-quite-all-there Jim. And that's just the normal part of this wild film, originally slated as a 10-chapter serial but ultimately released as a single feature!

Vanishing Riders (1935): Sheriff Bill Jones and his adopted son, Tim, deck themselves out in ghost makeup and skeleton rider outfits in order to take on a gang of outlaws in this spooky twist on a familiar western plot.

Wild Horse Phantom (1944): Buster Crabbe (Flash Gordon), Fuzzy St. John, outlaws, and The Devil Bat! That's right, the king-sized, power-diving monster from the Bela Lugosi classic returns in this "Billy Carson" B-western, which also throws in a crazy-laughing miner who might be completely round the bend. From infamous poverty row studio PRC, who apparently never threw away a single prop.

Run Time: 240 mins.

This DVD is encoded for Region 1 (U.S. & Canada only) and will probably NOT be viewable in other countries.
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Label IMG - Image Entertainment
Number 2950
Subsidiary Artists: Ken Maynard, Cecilia Parker, Sheldon Lewis, Frank Brownlee, Jack Clifford, George Gerwing, Lafe Lafayette McKee, Fred Parker, Frances Morris, Tommy Bupp
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