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Various Artists:
Accordeon V.2 1925-1942
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Description (2-CD set) Following the success of the first volume of Accordéon, musette et swing 1913-1941, here is a new compilation devoted to a musical genre that was the very symbol of a style of life, of an era, and of a world in which the adjective “popular” held no pejorative connotation. It includes sides for which space could not be found in Volume 1, plus others that have been unearthed since.The whole triggers a pleasant thrill of nostalgia, quite apart from the excitement of rediscovering a whole string of top-class artists : accordionists Gus Viseur, Tony Muréna and Medard Ferrero; gypsy guitarists Jean “Matelo” Ferret (the father of Boulou and Elios Ferret, now spelled Ferré), who turns in a wonderful solo on Douce Joie, and his brother Pierre “Baro” Ferret; and musicians of the calibre of trumpeter Philippe Brun and alto-saxophonist Maurice Blanc.All styles are represented, from the most musette (Indifférence), via the most gypsy (a fresh outing for Nuages), to the most swinging (Philippe Stomp, a piece much in the Charles Trénet vein). One can say no more, so let us just raise our hats to an issue produced with competence and passion (Didier Roussin’s notes reflect both) and give it the top mark.
Track Listing Indifférence - Tony Murena
Dans Les Musettes De Paris - Germaine Béria Acc. Les Vagabonds Mélomanes
Don Diegue - L'orchestre Musette Labiche-Draghi
La Roquette - Les Frères Colombo
Boucan - Jean Vaissade
Caravane Rabouine - Emile Prud'homme
Passion - Tony Murena
Milk-Bar - Tony Murena
Nuages - Gus Viseur
Anomalie - Gus Viseur
Folette - F. Pizanelli
La Rafale - Médard Ferrero
Czardas - Joe Rossi
L'oasis - Michel Péguri
Impression - Henri Monboisse
I Can't Give You Anything But Love - L'orchestre Musette Gigetto Constoncelli
Sur Le Trottoir - Joseph Ghia
Un Mauvais Garçon - Henri Garat Acc. Emili Prud'homme
Douce Joie - Gus Viseur
Mon Amant De Saint-Jean - Lucienne Delyle Acc. L'orchestre Jacques Metehen
Bogota - Jo Privat
Finotte-Java, Simone Bultiauw
Joyeux Canari - Adolphe Prince
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Label FMX - Fremeaux & Associes
Number 005
Subsidiary Artists: Tony Murena
Germaine Béria Acc. Les Vagabonds Mélomanes
L'orchestre Musette Labiche-Draghi
Les Frères Colombo
Tony Murena
Gus Viseur
F. Pizanelli
Médard Ferrero
Joe Rossi
Michel Péguri
Henri Monboisse
L'orchestre Musette Gigetto Constoncelli
Henri Garat Acc. Emili Prud'homme
Jo Privat
Simone Bultiauw
Adolphe Prince
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