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Description Banned in Spain and denounced by the Vatican, Luis Buņuel’s irreverent vision of life as a beggar’s banquet is regarded by many as his masterpiece. In it, novice nun Viridiana does her utmost to maintain her Catholic principles, but her lecherous uncle and a motley assemblage of paupers force her to confront the limits of her idealism. Winner of the Palme d’or at the 1961 Cannes Film Festival, Viridiana is as audacious today as ever.

Special Features
New, restored high-definition digital transfer
New video interviews with Silvia Pinal and author Richard Porton
Excerpts from a 1964 episode of Cinčastes de notre temps on Luis Buņuel's early career
U.S. release trailer
New and improved English subtitle translation
Plus: A booklet featuring Michael Wood and an interview with Buņuel

Genre: Black Comedy, Religious Comedy, Satire
Theatrical Date: 1961
SubTitles: English
Original Language: Spanish
Run Time: 91 mins.
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Label CRRN - Criterion
Number VIR040
Subsidiary Artists: Silvia Pinal, Fernando Rey, Francisco Rabal, Margarita Lozano, Victoria Zinny
Director: Luis Buņuel
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