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Desperate Man Blues - Discovering The Roots Of American Music [DVD]
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Description "In the spirit of Buena Vista Social Club, this award-winning documentary is the story of underdog Joe Bussard and his lifelong mission to rescue America’s roots music from oblivion. He is a man to be treasured." — Sunday Times Australia

"Check out the DVD Desperate Man Blues. He’s an eccentric record collector who’s preserved all sorts of magical corners of music." — Elvis Costello

Winner of the Bendy Award for Best Documentary 2003
Winner of the Film Critic Circle of Australia Award 2003

The DVD features 45 minutes of audio and 180 minutes of video, including a 30 minute featurette produced by Dust-to-Digital in 2006.

The CD features 19 tracks from Bussard's shelves of over 25,000 78s, transferred and mastered by Dust-to-Digital in 2006.
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Label DTD - Dust-To-Digital
Number 5DV
Subsidiary Artists: Joe Bussard
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