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Film Shorts:
Zorro's Fighting Legion - The Complete Serial (1939)
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Description Power-hungry warlords threaten the freedom of the new republic of Mexico, with only one man and his band of fighters standing in their way. Zorro, the fearless masked champion, calls together the bravest men of Mexico to stand against the brutal Don Del Oro and his plot to rule the country. Deep within a mountainside fortress the villain poses as an ancient god, sending the Yaqui Indians to loot gold shipments in order to bankrupt the government. Del Oro employs human sacrifice and torture in his quest for power. When his scheme is thwarted by Zorro's fighting legion, Del Oro unleashes the Yaquis and his vicious band of killers in an all-out war on Mexico.

Produced by Republic Pictures during the Golden Age of Serials, Zorro's Fighting Legion features continuous cliff-hanging action, swordplay, explosions and spectacular stuntwork.

Originally Released in: 1939
Number of Discs: 1
Run Time: 3 hours, 32 minutes
Video: Black & White
Region: Region 0 encoding; Can be played worldwide, NTSC-format
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Label ALVI - Alpha Video
Number 5562
Subsidiary Artists: Reed Hadley
Director: John English & William Witney
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