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Film Shorts:
Flash Gordon [2 DVDs]
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Description Handsome Hollywood leading man Buster Crabbe, "The King of the Serials," stars as Flash Gordon in this epic serialized adventure. Flash and his crew travel into a future world of rocket ships and alien races, in one of the most action-packed serials ever filmed. With its special effects and exciting explorations of distant planets and galaxies, Flash Gordon brought a whole new type of movie going experience to the silver screen in 1940. Each week, millions of moviegoers waited anxiously for the next installment of Flash Gordon. All twelve thrilling episodes of Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe are here together at last. In this deep-space adventure, Flash and his crew must stop Ming the Merciless from destroying the earth and imposing his diabolical dictatorship upon the entire universe! Co-starring Carol Hughes as Dale Arden, Frank Shannon as Doctor Zarkov and Charles Middleton as the evil Ming, this serial features some of the most exciting cliffhanger endings ever filmed.

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History of the serials

This DVD is encoded for Region 1 (U.S. & Canada only) and will probably NOT be viewable in other countries.
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Label EDIV - Edi Video
Number 64924
Subsidiary Artists: Buster Crabbe
Carol Hughes
Frank Shannon
Charles Middleton
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