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Various Artists:
Paramount Blues - Lock And Key Blues
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Description A compilation of blues artists, some quite obscure, who recorded for the Paramount label between 1926-1931. 20 tracks in all featuring Edward Thompson, Ed Bell, Geeshie Wiley (considered one of the best female country blues artists), George "Bullet" Williams, Ramblin' Thomas, William Moore, Rube Lacey, Walter "Buddy Boy" Hawkins, Clifford Gibson, Bo Weavil Jackson, Freddie Sprull, Ishman Bracey. Fans of acoustic country blues will find much to like on this release.
Track Listing Showers of Rain Blues - Edward Thompson
Seven Sisters Blues - Edward Thompson
Mamlish Blues - Ed Bell
Last Kind Words Blues - Geeshie Wiley
Skinny Leg Blues - Geeshie Wiley
Touch Me Light Mama - George "Bullet" Williams
So Lonesome - Ramblin' Thomas
Lock and Key Blues - Ramblin' Thomas
Barbershop Rag - William Moore
Raggin' the Blues - William Moore
Mississippi Jail House Groan - Rube Lacy
Jailhouse Fire Blues - Walter "Buddy Boy" Hawkins
Shaggy Dog Blues - Walter "Buddy Boy" Hawkins
Tired of Being Mistreated, Pt. 1 - Clifford Gibson
Eagles on a Half - Geeshie Wiley
Pick Poor Robin Clean - Geeshie Wiley
Pistol Blues - Bo Weavil Jackson
Why Do You Moan? - Bo Weavil Jackson
Tom Cat Blues - Freddie Sprull
Woman Woman Blues - Ishman Bracey
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Label BSW - Black Swan
Number 37
Subsidiary Artists: Edward Thompson
Ed Bell
Geeshie Wiley
George Bullet Williams
Ramblin' Thomas
William Moore
Rube Lacy
Walter Buddy Boy Hawkins
Clifford Gibson
Bo Weavil Jackson
Freddie Sprull
Ishman Bracey
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