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Awake, My Soul - The Story Of The Sacred Harp [2 DVDs]
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Description Awake, My Soul is the first feature documentary about Sacred Harp singing, a haunting form of a cappella shape note hymn singing with deep roots in the American South. Shape note singing has survived for over 200 years in the rural Deep South, where singers break open a 160-yearold hymnal that has preserved these fiercely beautiful songs. The film offers a glimpse into the lives of this Lost Tonal Tribe, whose history is a story of rebellion and tradition. This special edition includes the original documentary as seen on American public television as well as interviews, deleted scenes, and commentary by stars and filmmakers—over 5 hours of bonus features in all. Has been featured by TIME, Paste, NPR, XM Satellite Radio, and many newspapers and magazines. Matt Hinton: producer, director, editor Erica Hinton: co-director Jim Lauderdale: narrator Mac Powell: executive producer Tai Anderson: executive producer Featuring: Hugh McGraw, Raymond Hamrick, Richard Delong, Rodney Ivey, Warren Steel, Jim Carnes, Joyce Walton, Judy Caudle, Elene Stovall, Charlene Wallace, Terry Wootten, Ted Mercer, Jeff Sheppard

Special Features
Deleted scenes
Extended interviews
Over 2 hours of Sacred Harp Singing Footage from 1998-2006

Disc 1 - Deleted scenes
Additional footage of the cast's comments on a variety of themes, including History, Music, Faith, The North & South, etc
Audio commentary track with the director, Matt Hinton, as well as singers Raymond Hamrick, Hugh McGraw, and John Plunkett

Run Time: 5 hrs, 75 mins.
Region: All
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Label AWP - Awake Productions
Number 2
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