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The Panic Is On: The Great American Depression As Seen By The Common Man [DVD + CD]
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Description The DVD is comprised of intimate newsreel footage that captures a wide panorama of everyday American life – a soup kitchen in lower Manhattan, striking workers in North Carolina, the Boswell Sisters cheering up congressmen in Washington D.C., Zuni Indians in New Mexico offering their advice of how the white man should deal with the depression, etc., etc. Excerpts from government made films and classic documentaries offer stunning portraits of the poverty and distress of the times and the resourcefulness and courage American workers and their government employed to overcome it.

The CD compiles musical performances from the period that comment on the distressful times, both in vivid reporting and comical satire. Great performers like Bessie Smith, Eddie Cantor, Roy Acuff, Woody Guthrie, Ted Lewis and many more present 23 classic selections.

The 32 page booklet offers very moving letters and observations from everyday Americans struggling to make it through the Depression and many powerful photographs from the period.
Track Listing
DVD Chapters
Jimmy Durante sings for the NRA
People struggle with the Depression’s impact
New York soup kitchen tends to the needy
The Boswell Sisters perform for congressmen
The unemployed march for relief
A Zuni Indian offers perspective on the white man’s Depression
Unemployed and down and out on the streets of Los Angeles
Dance Marathons
The Wall Street Crash
A debutante sells her chinchilla coat
Fanny Brice and showgirls knit sweaters for the unemployed
Union textile workers strike
Dust storms on the Great Plains
Mississippi River floods of the mid-1930s
Storefront soup kitchen closed
Government programs in action
African Americans put to work by the WPA

Our Daily Bread (excerpt from King Vidor’s classic feature)
Electricity changes life in rural America

(Everything’s Gonna Be) O.K. America – Art Kassel
The Panic Is On – Hezekiah Jenkins
If I Ever Get A Job Again – Dick Robertson
NRA Blues – Bill Cox
The Clouds Will Soon Roll By – Eddy Duchin
Nobody Know You (When You’re Down And Out) – Bessie Smith
We’re In The Money (The Gold Digger’s Song) – Charlie Palloy
The Great Dust Storm – Woody Guthrie
Headin’ For Better Times – Ted Lewis
Bad Times Blues – Barbecue Bob
Brother Can You Spare A Dime? – Charlie Palloy
Bread Line Blues – Slim Smith
Welfare Store Blues – Sonny Boy Williamson
Franklin Roosevelt’s Back Again – Bill Cox
I Can’t Go To The Poor House – Dick Robertson
Old Age Pension Check – Roy Acuff
When My Stocks Come Tumbling Down – Fields & Hall
Down On Penny’s Farm – Bently Boys
A Tale Of The Ticker – Frank Crumit
In The Fall Of ’29 – W. Lee O’Daniel
Starvation Blues – Charlie Jordan
Cheer Up! Smile! Nertz! – Eddie Cantor
Good Old Times (Are Coming Back Again) – Dick Robertson
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Label SHA - Shanachie
Number 6804
Subsidiary Artists: Jimmy Durante
Boswell Sisters
Art Kassel
Hezekiah Jenkins
Dick Robertson
Bill Cox
Eddy Duchin
Bessie Smith
Charlie Palloy
Woody Guthrie
Ted Lewis
Barbecue Bob
Slim Smith
Sonny Boy Williamson
Dick Robertson
Roy Acuff
Fields & Hall
Bently Boys
Frank Crumit
W. Lee O’Daniel
Charlie Jordan
Eddie Cantor
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