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Various Artists:
Old-Time Mountain Guitar
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Description 1926-1931
Track Listing Lonesome Weary Blues - Roy Harvery & Leonard Copeland
Buck Dancer's Choice - Sam McGee & Uncle Dave Macon
Guitar Rag - Roy Harvey & Jess Johnson
Charlotte Hot-Step - David Fletcher & Gwen Foster
Jailhouse Rag - David Miller
Logan County Blues - Frank Hutchison
Greasy Wagon - Roy Harvey & Leonard Copeland
Augusta Rag - Melvin Dupree
The Franklin Blues - Sam McGee & Uncle Dave Macon
Blue Grass Twist - The South Georgia Highballers
Take Me To The Land Of Jazz - Lowe Stokes & His North Georginas
Red Rose Rag - David Fletcher & Gwen Foster
Back To The Blue Ridge - Roy Harvery & Leonard Copeland
Fresno Blues - Johnnie Crockett & Albert Crockett
Jefferson Street Rag - Roy Harvey & Jess Johnson
Norfolk Flip - Melvin Dupree & Frank Locklear
Spanish Fandango - John Dilleshaw & The String Marvel
Jamestown Exhibition - Bayless Rose
This CD is also available as a download from Roy Harvey & Leonard Copeland - Old-Time Mountain Guitar Vintage Recordings 1926-1931
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Label CTY - County Records
Number 3512
Subsidiary Artists: Roy Harvery & Leonard Copeland
Sam McGee & Uncle Dave Macon
Jess Johnson
David Fletcher & Gwen Foster
David Miller
Frank Hutchison
Melvin Dupree
South Georgia Highballers
Lowe Stokes
Johnnie Crockett & Albert Crockett
Frank Locklear
John Dilleshaw & The String Marvel
Bayless Rose
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