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Film Shorts:
Hollywood Rhythm V.4 - Rhapsodies In Black And Blue
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Description Musical shorts in the early years of sound film were often surprisingly imaginative productions -- and, before the coming of the Production Code in 1934, they could be fairly racy as well.

This fourth volume of Kino on Video's Paramount Musical Shorts collection features some of the legends of stage and screen in eight oddball mini-musicals shot at Paramount's New York studio in Astoria, Queens.

Cary Grant makes his film debut as a sailor cruising the Far East in search of whoopee in Singapore Sue. In Rhapsody In Black And Blue, Louis Armstrong dons outlandish leopard-skin attire to stand knee-deep in soap bubbles, where he trumpets and sings "I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal You," while in Insurance, a manic Eddie Cantor undergoes a balmy medical exam. Another medical check-up, by Dr. Rudy Vallee and Nurse Mae Questel in Musical Doctor, finds musical deficiencies to be the root of all ills.

Also on tap: serenades both operatic (tenor Nino Martini in Moonlight And Romance) and hayseed (All For The Band's Eddie Younger and His Mountaineers), and, in two 1931 shorts (Be Like Me and Old Man Blues), Ethel Merman showing the sweeter and more vulnerable side of her brassy personality.

(by Richard Barrios, author of A Song In The Dark: The Birth of the Musical Film)
Track Listing Rhapsody in Black and Blue (1932, with Louis Armstrong)

Singapore Sue (1931, with Cary Grant, Anna Chang)

Insurance (1930, with Eddie Cantor)

All for the Band (1930, with Eddie Younger and His Mountaineers)

Moonlight and Romance (1930, with Nino Martini, Rosita Moreno)

Be Like Me (1931, with Ethel Merman)

Old Man Blues (1931, with Ethel Merman)

Musical Doctor (1932, with Rudy Vallee, Mae Questel)

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Label KV - Kino Video
Number 961
Subsidiary Artists: Louis Armstrong
Cary Grant
Anna Chang
Eddie Cantor
Eddie Younger
Nino Martini
Rosita Moreno
Ethel Merman
Rudy Vallee
Mae Questel
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