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Description Lurking on a mysterious uncharted island is a madman who hunts humans for sport. A boating party of teenagers reaches the forbidden shore, unaware that they are about to become the latest prey for the killer. The master huntsman conceals his insanity when he invites the group to his mansion, but two of the teens find his trophy room full of the grotesque remains of previous victims. With his intentions exposed, the madman sends the kids into the depths of the jungle, allowing them a head start before the hunt begins. Armed with a crossbow and aided by a team of bloodthirsty henchmen, the hunter is certain of his kill until the teenagers band together to fight back. Enraged and demanding blood, the murderer drives his quarry on a violent chase.

"Bloodlust" is an uncredited re-working of Richard Connell's often filmed novella "The Most Dangerous Game." This Crown release is notable for its cinematography by Richard Cunha, director of such drive-in classics as "Frankenstein's Daughter," "Missile To The Moon," "She Demons and Giant From The Unknown." June Kenney and Gene Persson previously headed the cast of Bert I. Gordon's "The Spider" for AIP and Robert Reed went on to acclaim in the popular TV series "The Brady Bunch."

Run Time: 69 minutes
Number of Discs: 1
Originally Released in 1959
Black & White
No region encoding; For global distribution
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Label ALVI - Alpha Video
Number 4230
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