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America Dances! 1897-1948: A Collector's Edition Of Social Dance In Film
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Description America Dances! 1897-1948: A Collector's Edition of Social Dance in Film includes 60 historical dance film clips from the first part of the 20th century in the United States. It provides a nostalgic history lesson that features a fascinating record of our changing dance trends, expertise, and taste, and reflects our culture through the years. This dance retrospective spans the panorama from average Americans dancing in newsreels to top quality performers who have left a legacy of graceful dance moves across the ballroom floor. Featured in the program are the elegant Irene and Vernon Castle in their famed 1915 film and the renowned Whiteys' Lindy Hoppers from their 1940s "soundies".

America Dances! records some of the pivotal dance moments of our history. The 20th century opened with wild cakewalk/animal dance fads; moved through the effervescent Blackbottom and Charleston of the 1920s; diminished to the Dance Marathons of the 1930s; and exploded into the vibrant Lindy Hop/Jitterbug of the 1940s. This is a collectible treasure, to be preserved for future generations, and ideal for viewing again and again.

Run Time: 75 Minutes

This DVD is encoded for Region 1 (U.S. & Canada only) and will probably NOT be viewable in other countries.
Track Listing
1897-1919 - From the Cakewalk to the Castle Walk
Charity Ball
Foxy Grandpa & Polly in A Little Hilarity
Comedy Cakewalk
Comedy Cakewalk on Beach
One Step: Everybody's Doin' It Now
Comic Fox Trot with Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Drew
Airplane Waltz
Two Step
Irene and Vernon Castle :The Whirl of Life

1920-1929 - From the Blackbottom to the Lindy Hop
Let's Do The Blackbottom
Charleston Basics
Charleston and Blackbottom
Charleston in Newsreels
Charleston Dance Contests
Charleston Contests
Ballroom Acrobats
Raggedy Ann, Tangolio
Kinkerjeu, Lindy Whirl, Yankee Prance
Old Fashioned Waltz
Lindy Hop Introduction
Lindy Hop

1930-1939+ - From Dance Marathons to Lindy Hop / Jitterbug Contests
Dance Marathon Newsreels
8 Couples Remain in Grueling 3 Month Dancing Marathon
Exhausted Couples Drag Fatigued Feet in Endurance Walk
Tired Couples Totter On Feet Over 2,500 Hours
Endurance Dancers Still Seek Record After 5 Months
Lambeth Walk
Waltz: New York City
Waltz, Rumba, Mambo: Harvest Moon Ball
New Style Rhumba Makes a Hit with Winter Tourists
Susie Q Basics
Big Apple Basics
Big Apple Dance: A Tarheel Stomp Agitates Country
From the Minuet to the Big Apple
Big Apple: Keep Punching
Collegiate Shag
200,000 Jitterbugs go Slap Happy at Swing Jamboree
Beach Resort has New Slant on Jitterbug
A Dizzy Round of Jitterbug and Jive Hits the Big Town
Lindy Hop: Harvest Moon Ball
Lindy Hop/Jitterbug Jive: New York City
Lindy Hop: Harvest Moon Ball
Lindy Hop: Harvest Time in Rhythm
Lindy Hop: Newsreel

1939-1948 - From Romantic Dance to Acrobatic Classics
Waltz: Irene Castle at the World's Fair
Adagio: May I Have The Next Trance With You?
Adagio: Dreamland of Mine
Cuban Pete delete what was written here
A Rumba Story
Rumba with Spice
Mexican Jumping Bean
Conga Loca
Rhumba Serenade: Mi Rumba
Lindy Hop: Keep Punching
Lindy Hop: Cottontail (Hot Chocolates)
Lindy Hop: Boy! What a Girl!
Lindy Hop: Killer Diller
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Number 4545
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