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Various Artists:
Actors Playing Their Parts
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Description The number of actors 'playing their parts' in the earlier and middle parts of the 20th century is really pretty small. Some recordings are very rare; some are masterpieces of the art, others perhaps show the difference between genius and less than that. All the recordings on this CD have much interest, some because of the actors and the parts they play - and the comparison between the treatments given to the same speeches by three indisputably great actors cannot but be fascinating - others because of their rarity or their illustration of the theatrical styles and pleasures of their time. And one recording at least is a desert island classic.
Track Listing
Letter Scene {From Macbeth} - Sir Lewis Casson
Murder Scene {From Macbeth} - Sir Lewis Casson
O That This Too, Too Solid Flesh Would Melt {From Hamlet} - Sir Laurence Olivier
To Be or Not to Be {From Hamlet} - Sir Laurence Olivier
Speak the Speech {From Hamlet} - Sir Laurence Olivier
How Long Hast Thou Been a Grave Maker? {From Hamlet} - Sir Laurence Olivier
This Royal Throne of Kings {From Richard II} - Sir John Gielgud
To Be or Not to Be {From Hamlet} - Sir John Gielgud
Act III, Scene IV {From Macbeth} - Pamela Brown

Oscar Wilde
The Important of Being Earnest: Lady Bracknell Interviews John Worthing - Edith Evans

Somerset Maugham
Getting a Motor {From Our Betters} - Constance Collier
Getting a Wife {From Our Betters} - Constance Collier

Ivor Novello
Excerpt from Act I {From Murder in Mayfair} - Edna Best
Excerpt from Act I {From Murder in Mayfair} - Ivor Novello

J.M. Barrie & J. Crook
Hook's Monologue {From Peter Pan} - George Baker
The Home Under the Ground {From Peter Pan} - Dinah Sheridan

Wartime Special Record
'American Way' Contests - Charles Laughton
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Label PEA - Pearl Flapper
Number 0192
Subsidiary Artists: Sir Lewis Casson
Sir Laurence Olivier
Sir John Gielgud
Pamela Brown
Edith Evans
Constance Collier
Edna Best
Ivor Novello
George Baker
Dinah Sheridan
Charles Laughton
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