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Various Artists:
A Musical Journey - The Films Of Pete, Toshi & Dan Seeger
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Description Here are some of the most unusual "home movies" you'll ever get a chance to see. After sitting on a barn shelf for decades, a few of them are finally being offered here, including rare footage of Sonny Terry, Big Bill Broonzy, Pete Steele, Jean Carignan and others, selected for this video by Stefan Grossman.

Pete Seeger remembers: "In 1955 I bought a secondhand Auricon, a 16mm camera with single system optical sound, used for making newsreels. . . . In 1963, Toshi and I took our three children out of school and travelled around the world, filming whatever good music we stumbled upon. There was no theme or plan. Three years later, with our 21 year old son Dan, we arranged to film African-American worksongs in a Texas prison. I'm so glad some of these films will finally be seen. For 30 years they've sat in our barn and Toshi and I would say 'When are we going to have time to work on them?' -- and we never had time. Along comes our friend Stefan and says, 'Let me see.'"
Track Listing
Sonny Terry & J.C. Burris, 1958
Crazy About You Baby
Buck Dance
Hand Jive

Jean Carignan, 1957
La Grande Fleur
Sherbrooke Jig
Irish Tune

Big Bill Broonzy, 1957
Worried Man Blues
Hey Hey
How You Want It Done
John Henry
Blues in E

The McPeake Family, 1964
Jug of Punch
Will Ye Go Lassie Go?
Pipes/Harp Instrumental
Oro Se

Pete Steele, 1962
Pay Day at Coal Creek
Coal Creek March

Ellis Unit, Huntsville Texas, 1964
Working All Day Long
Grizzly Bear/Down the Line
I Believe I'll Call My Baby

Oklahoma Fiddle Contest, 1957

Schuyler Michaels, 1957
Two Tunes
Soldier's Joy
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Label VEST - Vestapol Videos
Number 13042
Subsidiary Artists: Pete Seeger
Sonny Terry & J.C. Burris
Jean Carignan
Big Bill Broonzy
The McPeake Family
Pete Steele
Ellis Unit
Schuyler Michaels
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