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Various Artists:
Texas Blues
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Description 2 CD Set
Track Listing
Disc 1
Rolled From Side To Side - Little Hat Jones
Two String Blues - Little Hat Jones
Double Crossing Blues - Texas Alexander
Johnny Behren's Blues - Texas Alexander
Rambler Blues - Blind Lemon Jefferson
Dry Southern Blues - Blind Lemon Jefferson
Jim Nappy - Hattie Burleson
Don't Sell It, Don't Give It Away - Oscar Woods
Triflin' Woman - Black Ace
Texas Worried Blues - Henry Thomas
Old Country Stomp - Henry Thomas
Back Gnawing Blues - Ramblin' Thomas
Down In Texas Blues - Jesse Thomas
Dallas Rag - Coley Jones & The Dallas String Band
Sugar Blues - Coley Jones & The Dallas String Band
Texas And Pacific Blues - Frenchies String Band
Seven Sisters Blues Pt.1 - Funny Paper Smith
Seven Sisters Blues Pt.2 - Funny Paper Smith
Monkeyin' Around - Jake Jones & The Gold Front Boys
Texas Blues - Willie Reed
Dreaming Blues - Willie Reed
Jack Of All Trades - Bernice Edwards
T.P. Window Blues - Jack Ranger

Disc 2
Santa Fe Blues - Smith Casey
West Texas Blues - Smith Casey
West Texas Woman - Whistlin' Alex Moore
Heart Wrecked Blues - Whistlin' Alex Moore
Sundown Blues - Blind Norris
The Katy Blues - Blind Norris
Sunbeam Blues - Billiken Johnson
Interurban Blues - Billiken Johnson
Elm Street Woman Blues - Dallas Jamboree Jug Band
Flying Crow Blues - Dallas Jamboree Jug Band
Good Mornin' Blues - Texas Bill Day
Goin' Back To My Baby - Texas Bill Day
Wandering Blues - Gene Campbell
Robbin' And Stealin' Blues - Gene Campbell
Texas Dream Blues - Teddy Moss
Ocean Wave Blues - Teddy Moss
Matchbox Blues - Black Ivory King
The Flying Crow - Black Ivory King
Nok-Em-All - Eddie And Oscar
Bad Luck Town Blues - Black Boy Shine
Gamblin' Jinx Blues - Black Boy Shine
West Dallas Drag No.1 - Robert Cooper
Black Gal, What Makes Your Head So Hard? - Joe Pullum
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This is a very revealing and comprehensive review of what was being produced in Texas between the war by solo artists and jugbands of the time. Perhaps overshadowed by what was being created in Mississippi and other parts of he country, it is a revelation to have recordings by so many artists I had never heard and all of them of a high standard (and not a mention of blind lemon or blind willie johnson who have received enough musical and biographical attention in the intervening years). particular praise should be given to Casey Smith who moaning, wailing and clawhammer guitar style sent shivers through me. It is a shame that not many more recordings have been unearthed. There should be enough new material on this disc to provide many new leads for all except the most obsessive and comprehensive collector. There are bigger collections of Texas Blues out there but this one is a fine introduction to the most essential artists of the time.

Label CTFS - Catfish
Number 181
Subsidiary Artists: Little Hat Jones
Texas Alexander
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Hattie Burleson
Oscar Woods
Black Ace
Henry Thomas
Ramblin' Thomas
Jesse Thomas
Coley Jones & The Dallas String Band
Frenchies String Band
Funny Paper Smith
Jake Jones & The Gold Front Boys
Willie Reed
Bernice Edwards
Jack Ranger
Smith Casey
Whistlin' Alex Moore
Blind Norris
Billiken Johnson
Dallas Jamboree Jug Band
Texas Bill Day
Gene Campbell
Teddy Moss
Black Ivory King
Eddie And Oscar
Black Boy Shine
Robert Cooper
Joe Pullum
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