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America's Atomic Bomb Tests - The Collection [3 DVDs]
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Description Operation Tumbler Snapper (47 min) - Despite its effectiveness in World War II, little was actually known about an A-bomb's power. What ships could survive a blast and what ships couldn't? Just how powerful was the shock wave? These are the tests that provided the answers that today are the core of America's nuclear weapons knowledge. Formerly classified material documents Operation Tumbler Snapper, which detonated small yield atomic weapons to determine their effectiveness on troops, animals and buildings. At Ground Zero (74 Min) - Full photographic coverage of the only tests ever conducted of the effects of a nuclear bomb on a typical American community. The nuclear bomb was brought to "America's doorstep" during an unusual series of nuclear tests conducted in the Nevada desert in the 1950s. At Ground Zero contains the first-ever compilation of the full-length official documentaries that chronicle the effects of these tests as the full fury of a nuclear bomb is demonstrated on the typical American home. Operation Hardtack (90 min) - A priceless history of some of the most unusual nuclear weapons tests ever. Sixty two nuclear bombs were detonated as part of the Operation Hardtack series of nuclear tests. One of the few operations ever to be conducted at both the Pacific Proving Grounds and the Nevada Test Site, Hardtack combined balloon, surface, barge, underwater, underground, tower and missile shots.

Length: 211 minutes
Color: Color & B&W
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