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Charlie Chaplin:
Charlie Chaplin [3 DVDs]
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Description Charlie Chaplin was the first great comedian of the silver screen, and the most important figure of the silent film era. Born in London, England in 1889, Charles Spencer Chaplin began his career as the age of five as a dancer. With a career spanning over 60 years, Chaplin became a world-class director, writer and composer, earning himself numerous awards and distinguished recognition from his peers. This collection of classic Charlie Chaplin favorites will have you laughing out loud at the inventive and creative antics of a comedic genius.

Time: Over 14 Hours
Year: 1914-1919
Region: All
Track Listing
Disc 1 – Charlie’s Antics
A Day’s Pleasure – Sunnyside – The Kid – Between Showers – Charli’s Recreation – Cruel, Cruel Love – Film Johnny – His Favorite Pastime – Kid Auto Races At Venice – Mabel’s Strange Predicament – Making A Living – Behind The Screen – Easy Street – The Cure – The Rink – The Immigrant

Disc 2 – Classic Chaplin
The Tramp – The Champion – In The Park – Dough And Dynamite – His New Job – A Noght Out – A Fair Exchange – The Florwalker – One A.M. – The Fireman – The Vagabond – Face On The Barroom Floor – Recreation – The Good-For-Nothing – The Masquerader – The New Janitor – The Rounders – The Rival Masters

Disc 3 – Charlie Chaplin
Musical Tramp – Burlesque On Carmen – A Night In The Show – Police – A Busy Day – Caught In A Cabaret – The Fatal Mallet – The Knockout – The Landlady’s Pet – Twenty Minutes Of Love – Laffing Gas – Mabel’s Married Life – By The Sea – Shanghaied – The Bank – Work – A Woman
Bonus Feature: A Chaplin Biography
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